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Adopted and Naturalized
Columbia University/ November 2010

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYKSnWwA%5D
Samurai in the City
Columbia University / December 2010

Disabled New Yorkers sue MTA over cuts
Columbia University/ October 10, 2010

Move about Myrtle
Columbia University/ September 27, 2010



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la Table Exquise
La Table Exquise: One year after the grand opening
The Brooklyn Ink/ December 8, 2010

The nozzle job
Columbia University/ September 5, 2010

Grounded by fear
Newsworx/ Fall 2008


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New Yorkers vote to change city charter
The Brooklyn Ink/ November 3, 2010

Dear John Mayer: a black woman responds
Salon.com/February 11, 2010

Disabled sue MTA over cuts
The Brooklyn Ink/ November 10, 2010

Multicultural groups protest budget cuts
The Brooklyn Ink/ October 21, 2010

CSU Trustees pass off budget woes to students
The Golden Gate [X]Press/ May 13, 2009